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Vehicle procurement, up-fitting, and branding for your construction fleet has never been easier than when working with Carlease.

Build Your Construction Fleet

Whether you are a contractor or construction business owner, you know the importance of quality equipment. Carlease ensures you get quality cars, trucks, and vans at monthly payments that maximize your ability to grow your business. We understand all the ins-and-outs of open and closed leasing options, ensuring you get the right fit for your use. Affordable monitoring and maintenance options keep your team efficient and operating while saving you the time, money, and resources to build your business.

Extensive Selection and Customization Options

From the comfort of your office, our leasing and fleet management experts will guide you through the entire process of outfitting your construction company with the latest vehicles, customization, and technologies for a wide range of building, remodeling, and maintenance assignments. Whether you need built-in tool boxes, truck racks, or a heavy-duty chassis for hauling materials, Carlease has flexible and reliable leasing, customization, and fleet maintenance solutions that work hard around the clock, including fleet-only options from Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Ram, Toyota, Nissan, and Honda. 

Your Long-Term Partner

With wide-ranging inventory availability and pre-negotiated fleet pricing, we source, finance, customize, and deliver vehicles across all makes and models. Need another F-350? We're there. Mileage strategies, residual values, financing approval, and end-of-lease options are subjects we manage for our clients on a daily basis. We’ll recommend the best vehicle selection based on upcoming work demands and operator licensing (commercial or individual), and most importantly - we work with you to ensure your fleet consistently meets your the same quality standards you deliver to your customers.

Increase profitability and remove the costly time and expense of planning, building and scaling your fleet, work with Carlease today.

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