Delivery and Disposition Services

Building and managing a successful business is no easy feat - and we know you’re busy! That’s why when it comes time to take ownership of your new vehicles, a Carlease service specialist or delivery partner will deliver the vehicle(s) direct to your door, saving you time and hassle.


After sourcing your vehicles from one of our many dealer partners, your leasing specialist will work with you to ensure your vehicles are delivered to your business, one or multiple locations, quickly and efficiently. 


And at the end of your lease, your leasing specialist will manage the vehicle disposition process from start to finish. This can look different based on the type of lease you have: Open-ended or Close-ended.

When your open-ended lease ends, Carlease will work with the lessor to accurately assess your vehicle(s). At this juncture, your business has the opportunity to purchase the vehicle(s) for the set residual price, or send the vehicles to auction. Carlease will manage this entire process for your business, remitting payments or invoices in a quick and timely manner.

When your closed-ended lease ends, Carlease will manage the entire vehicle return process. One of our service specialists or a dealer partner will pick up and return the vehicle(s), while your leasing specialist finalizes any remaining payments or invoices.

For more details on the end-to-end leasing process, and how Carlease simplifies the fleet management experience, reach out to one of our leasing specialists today!

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