Leasing Solutions for Finance Managers

Managing your company's finances is stressful enough without the added burden of a complicated and costly fleet program. Purchasing vehicles requires a massive capital expenditure that negatively effects your company's balance sheet. Leasing improves cash-flow, decreases expenses and includes a bevy of tax benefits for your business. Thankfully, procurement, up-fitting, and management of your fleet has never been easier - or less expensive - than when working with Carlease. 

Procurement & Up-fitting

From the comfort of your office, our leasing experts will guide you through the process of outfitting your business with the latest vehicles and technologies with a wide range of customization options. Whether your team needs a suite of sedans, heavy-duty chassis, or specialized interior passenger or cargo spaces, Carlease has you covered with flexible and reliable leasing options for cars, trucks, vans, and buses that work as hard as you do. 


Simplify billing, track payments, and reduce fuel spend on one easy-to-use platform, giving your business increased financial transparency and accountability. Using the optional GPS and Telematics functionality, optimize routes and simplify schedules while keeping track of drivers and assets. With a customized fuel management plan, reduce financial waste and limit potential fraud while forecasting future fuel spend with greater accuracy.

Support and Service 

Minimize your repair expenses and vehicle downtime with real-time incident reporting and 24/7 maintenance support. And with our available driver training and safety programs, you can rest easy knowing your team is empowered and prepared to tackle the road ahead. When the time comes to rotate your fleet, Carlease is here to offer unparalleled support for a smooth and seamless transition.

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