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Here at Carlease, we believe in putting your fleet data to work for you. With comprehensive analytics on everything from fuel consumption to driver behaviors, to the exact GPS location of your vehicles, fleet managers and business executives can get a birds-eye view of their entire fleet, monitoring the overall health, profitability, and productivity of each individual vehicle.

While telematics is a broad-strokes name for a wide variety of fleet tech, here are some of the key areas where the data can greatly benefit your business:

Operations & Budget Focused Telematics

Perhaps most crucial is the role that telematics tech plays in fleet operations and budgeting. With Carlease's program, fixed and variable costs are continually monitored to identify areas of waste and potential savings. Track fuel consumption, route optimization, and vehicle efficiency on your desktop or mobile device, and then analyze the collected data to build a more efficient fleet. GPS tracking is the most commonly requested management service, for good reason! It gives users access to real-time vehicle updates using data sent directly from the vehicle's hardware to a personalized fleet dashboard.

Accident & Insurance Focused Telematics

Telematics data can also play a crucial role in accident management, and many insurance companies now offer benefits for fleets using telematic technology to monitor and encourage safer driving. Track vehicle data before, during, and after the accident to accurately assess damage and manage maintenance requests. Implement driver training programs to eliminate reckless driving practices with risky driver detection, and in the event of an accident, manage the repair process from your dashboard. Telematic technology can aid in training drivers and keep them accountable for their behavior on the road, potentially saving your business thousands in auto insurance premiums and accident related expenses.

With Carlease, you get your vehicle data where and when you need it - pay for what you need, save on what you don't. When you're ready to put telematics technology to work for your fleet, call one of our leasing specialists today. Find out just how much you can save!

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