Car Shopping Advice from the Experts

Carlease Staff - February 8, 2018

Car Shopping Advice from the Experts

People make a lot of mistakes when shopping for a car, but the biggest one is not negotiating. Simply put, car salesmen will try to sell you every aspect of leasing or buying at a higher price. They make more money if they do, which means it’s in their best interest to do everything they can to make you pay more.

Thankfully, you can negotiate almost everything. Here’s a list of things that you can and should negotiate:

When You Buy a Car:

  • Trade-in value of your old car (if you’re trading in)
  • Interest rate (know your credit score)
  • Down payment (usually it’s around 20%, but you can negotiate)
  • Loan payment options
  • Warranty options and length
  • Unnecessary costs (read everything)

When You Lease a Car:

  • Trade-in value of your old car (if you’re trading in)
  • Interest rate (know your credit score)
  • Ending value of the car, also known as the value of depreciation (which can alter the monthly payments)
  • Fine print details like “normal wear and tear"
  • Mileage you’ll drive on the leased vehicle
  • Down payment (a good rule of thumb is to never pay more than $2000 for leasing)

Negotiate everything you possibly can. Or, use We'll negotiate for you and get you the best possible deal on the vehicle of your dreams. Don’t settle, reach out to one of our leasing specialists today! Hear what some of our satisfied customers are saying:

"Working with Carlease was the easiest, most pleasant lease experience I've ever had! The delivery occurred earlier than expected and the technician's explanation of the vehicle was thorough and understandable. Couldn't have been happier!"

- Elise L. Lab Technician, Chicago, IL

"Overall, It was a pain-free, professional experience; I would highly recommend You never have to leave your house; never have to hassle with the dealership or their sales people. A one-stop, professional experience for the busy consumer. Perfect for my purposes."

- Larry R. Attorney, Highland Park, IL

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