Roadmap: Tools to Manage Your Fleet

Hans Bodine, CEO - August 5, 2019

Roadmap: Tools to Manage Your Fleet

Once you've procured your fleet, it's time to put the vehicles to work for your business. But how do you maximize their output while minimizing the time and money your company spends managing each vehicle?

While Fortune 500 and enterprise companies can afford to hire a dedicated team of fleet managers, the same is not always true for small businesses and growing start-ups. When it comes to managing your own fleet, maintaining high-percentage run-time and minimizing costly off-schedule downtime can be challenging. Without the proper tools you may be missing out on crucial, actionable insights that save your business time and money.

Thankfully, fleet management solutions are more readily available - and affordable! - than ever before, allowing you to effectively manage your fleet vehicles at the click of a button. With a slue of new technological resources at your business's fingertips, fleet management is fast becoming an inexpensive, outsourced solution, and Carlease is paving the way.

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Outsourced Fleet Management

The average salary for a fleet manager falls between $77,958 and $110,483 annually.

The average cost for an outsourced fleet management system? $120 - $1,200 per vehicle annually. With a fleet of 10 vehicles at the highest fleet management rate, outsourcing costs between $1,200 - $12,000, saving your business a significant amount of money each year! What could your business accomplish with that capital?

We understand the concerns though. Many businesses worry that outsourcing their fleet management solutions won't give them the same level of minute-by-minute oversight that having a dedicated fleet manager would. That's just not the case, in fact it's quite the contrary. Take Carlease for example:

With its fleet management software, Carlease lets you monitor your fleet with as much detail and oversight as you'd like. From GPS solutions that allow you to track your vehicles in the field, to telematics solutions that allow you to optimize your fleet routes any time, day or night, your vehicles are always at the tips of your fingers. With customization options, pay only for what you use, and change or upgrade your plan. Our online portal and vehicle management dashboard provides detailed fleet information where you need it, when you need it. Asset Management? Check. Driver Management? Check. Budget Management? Check! Let's take a closer look at what can be accomplished by outsourcing your fleet management.

Asset Management

Tracking and managing vehicles is the number one driver behind acquiring a fleet manager or outsourcing your fleet management. As some of your most expensive assets, monitoring your fleet equipment's life cycle is vital to the financial health and future of your business. Knowing which tools will benefit your business is the first step in building out a robust and comprehensive fleet management program that will ultimately save your business in time, money, and resources.

The Tools:

Telematics is the umbrella term given to the slue of technological fleet management tools available to businesses. With everything from GPS Tracking and Dash Cam Monitoring, to Route Optimization and Fuel Consumption, telematics allows minute-by-minute oversight and tight budgetary control over each and every vehicle in your fleet.

How is this technology being used to manage fleet assets - what are some real world uses?

Sales managers are utilizing telematics GPS to track the routes of their sales staff, making sure that every sales call is being attended and that fuel spend is accurately accounted. Shipping businesses are tracking their cargo en route to its destination, minute-by-minute, and providing updates to their customers in real time. Delivery services are tracking mileage and optimize routes to reduce fuel spend and mitigate tolls. Rideshare drivers and passenger busses are utilizing Dash Cam programs to save on insurance premiums and protect their businesses in the event of an accident or crash. The point is, there are a lot of services available today that weren't available 15, 10 or even 5 years ago. As Carlease revolutionizes the leasing business, it only makes sense that we revolutionize the fleet management business too. Reach out to our leasing specialists today with your telematics questions and find out how Carlease can help your business move forward.

Driver Management

Next to vehicle management, the most important aspect of an efficient and performative fleet is a well trained and organized driver pool. It's hard to find good drivers for your fleet, and once you do, training and managing performance can be a challenge without the proper tools. But with Integrative Training Programs and Telematics, the proper tools are now at your fingertips - at your desk or on the road!

But how exactly is this technology being used to manage drivers?

Businesses across industries are utilizing technology to manage and store driver identification. License information, insurance coverage and compliance trainings all have a home in a centralized hub that's secure where the business needs it to be, and quickly accessible to those that matter. Sales organizations can now monitor employee use of company vehicles during off hours, helping to eliminate fraud and negligence claims against the company. Easily assign, share and store driver routes and schedules with your team.

Telematics solutions also allow for tracking and analyzing of driver metrics. Are you drivers engaging in dangerous or risky behavior? Merging with out signaling? Slamming on their breaks? Speeding too fast and too frequently? These are all measurable metrics that can be used to implement training and correct driver behaviors. Performance metrics can be tailored to your company's policies and best practices so you know your drivers are performing with your company's best interests in mind.

Curious about how Carlease's Fleet Management services can help you train and retain the best drivers available? Reach out to our leasing specialists today.

Budget Management

One of the biggest complaints regarding 'pre-tech', traditional fleet management systems is their the lack of fully integrated finance and budget features. Everything had to be manually tracked, independent of each other and of the overall budget. Think about it, your business is individually keeping track of:

  • Gas & fuel costs
  • Insurance premiums & costs
  • Accident related expenses
  • Vehicle maintenance costs (parts and labor)
  • Taxes & licensing fees (& driver compliance regulations)
  • Driver Safety & Training programs

That's not even a full list of variable expenses. And when you've purchased your fleet vehicles, depreciation and interest costs are a minefield to navigate without the help of software. Enter Carlease and the fleet tech boom.

Now, you're able to accurately forecast fleet costs with ease. Carlease's powerful fleet management software tools will help you identify your largest variable expenses so that your management team can take back control of your budgeting.

Building a new fleet or growing an existing one? Our leasing specialists are here to help you with all of your business's leasing and fleet management needs.

Whether you have a fleet of 1 or 100+, our specialists are well versed in the latest fleet technologies, and can offer your business solutions designed to move you forward. With our custom built fleet management software, tracking and monitoring the health and productivity of your fleet has never been easier.

In need of additional vehicles? When you work with Carlease, we're partners in building and rightsizing your fleet, and there are no leasing minimums to qualify for a fleet discount - you already get one! And when you're ready to scale your fleet, Carlease can help you find the solutions that fit your needs and your budget.

When you're ready to start planning and building out your fleet, our leasing specialists are here to help, call 847-714-1414 or visit today.

Your business is going places, let Carlease help you get there!

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